Deregistering Your Car in Singapore - Full Guide 2024

Deregistering Car in Singapore

In Singapore, once your vehicle’s Certificate of Entitlement (COE) expired, you will need to deregister your vehicle. In other words, the lifespan of a car in Singapore is capped at 10 years, according to the COE validity. After 10 years or when COE is expiring, car owners would need to decide whether to renew the COE to keep the car or to deregister the old car.

Step by Step Guide to Deregister Your Car in Singapore

If you are not planning to renew COE, the only options left is to either export your car or scrap your car. Check this article here for more information about each option.

Here, we will be guiding you how to deregister your car. If you are not aware of this, below is a step-by-step guidance on how car deregistration works.

What is Car Deregistration?

Car Deregistration is a procedure required for you to inform the related Singapore Authority – Landed Transport Authority (LTA) that you do not wish to renew your COE. Upon deregistering, one must submit the proof of the vehicle disposal within a month. Take note here, failure to do so would be deemed as a serious offence in Singapore. Thus, car owners are advised to not do this last minute during expiration of the COE. 

You shall engage a trusted scrap car dealer before COE expires to avoid extra cost needed for car towing services as your car would not be permitted on road. 

What Rebates are You Entitled to Upon Car Deregistration?


When you deregister your car, LTA would rebate you a sum of money which is known as  COE rebate and PARF rebate. The sum of these rebates are known as the deregistration value or paper value of your car. You might want to check with the scrap car Singapore dealer to know how much rebates you will be getting back from it. 

Both rebates depend on the type, age of your vehicle and the expiry date of COE. The earlier you deregister from the date of COE expiry, the higher COE rebates you will get. As for PARF rebates, it is a tax rebate that is based on the open market value (OMV) of your car. However, please note that, only PARF cars will be entitled to both rebates while COE cars are only entitled to COE rebates. 

What are “PARF Cars'' and “COE Cars”?

PARF cars refer to those cars that are using their original COE. While COE cars refer to old cars which have been renewed previously. This means, only cars that are less than 10 years old are entitled to PARF rebate. 

Upon renewal of COE, you are no longer entitled to PARF rebate and the renewal is paid depending on the Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP). Check here for more information if you choose to renew COE.

How Car Deregistration Works

Steps 1 to Steps 4
  1. Send Your Car to Singapore Scrap Car Dealer
  2. Deregister Your Vehicle
  3. Encash for COE and PARF Rebate
  4. Submit Disposal Proof to LTA

1. Send Your Car to JA8 IMPORT AND EXPORT, Singapore Authorized Scrap Car Agent

First of all, you shall request a quotation for the valuation of your car from a Scrap Car Dealer in Singapore. The scrap car agent will then access your car conditions, models, supply and demands of the market for the particular vehicle to come out with a quotation. 

You can get a FREE quotation without any hidden charges from us. We will handle all the paperwork for you at 0 cost. Submit your vehicle information to JA8 Scrap Car Singapore now.

Your scrap car value would be your Deregistration Value (COE Rebate & PARF Rebate) + Car’s Body Value.

2. Deregister Your Vehicle

Before deregistering the vehicle, car owners must ensure that all outstanding road taxes and car loans are cleared. If you are deregistering the vehicle on your own, it is more troublesome where you will need to prepare all the related documents to deregister the vehicle. Now, it can be so much easier with the help of an authorized Scrap Car Dealer. 

Just leave this to us, JA8 IMPORT AND EXPORT will settle all the fuss and keep you hassle-free from the entire process. All you need to do is to get a free quotation of your car value from us. Fill up the form now and we will get back to you in short. 

Notes: It is a serious offence to keep or continue driving a de-registered vehicle. You might be subjected to a fine or imprisonment or both if caught. 

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3. Encash for COE and PARF Rebate

You can apply for the encashment yourself for both rebates on OneMotoring website after you deregister your car.

Alternatively, you may leave it to the scrap car agent.

Upon receiving your vehicle details and after accessing your vehicle, JA8 Scrap Car Singapore will provide you a quotation of how much money in total you can get back from scrapping your car in Singapore.

Once you accept the quotation, we will arrange a time to collect the vehicle at your convenience. You don’t even have to travel and we will come to you! You will be paid on the spot, via Paynow or Bank Transfer on default. However, you can let us know in advance if you have any preferred mode of payment.

4. Submit Disposal Proof to LTA

After you have completed the deregistration and scrapped your car, you are required to submit a proof of disposal or export document within a month after deregistering. 

Failure to do so might cause you to face a fine up to $2,000 or imprisonment of 3 months.